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The Programs

Who Should Attend This Program?

  • Class Teachers
  • Assistant Teachers
  • Preschool Owners/School Heads
  • Parents and Nannies

Mode Of Delivery

  • Lecture
  • Demonstration on presentation of Montessori materials
  • Students’ presentation only for selected activities
  • Class discussions

Mode of Assessment

  • Written exam
  • Class Quiz
  • Observation of hand-on in classroom implementation of Montessori and planning of individual lesson plans

Learning Objectives

  • To develop a deeper understanding of current theories, research of child development, the Montessori principle and philosophy and their implication on early childhood care and education.
  • Understand children’s interactions with the environment.
  • Develop a framework for creating and learning environment that will enhance the total development of young children.
  • An appreciation and understanding of the teaching aids developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.
  • Knowledge of the Montessori environment and role of a Montessori directress / director.
  • Knowledge of the Montessori Curriculum.

Montessori Theory

  • Montessori Philosophy
  • The Montessori Curriculum
  • The structured Environment
  • Classroom Management
  • Behavior and discipline
  • The Montessori Teacher (Directress / Director)

Practical Life Skills

  • Definition of practical life activities
  • Importance, purpose and benefits of practical life
  • Principles of the Montessori materials
  • Planning and preparing the Montessori Practical life area
  • Introduction to the materials and activities of the Practical life skills
  • Development of motor skills
  • Care of self
  • Care of environment
  • Grace and courtesy
  • Designing Practical Life Materials


  • Four faces of language
  • Phonics
  • Word building exercise
  • Pink scheme
  • Green scheme
  • Grammar
  • Designing Language Materials


  • Understanding why Montessori math is introduced to children at the age of 3.
  • How math can be taught to children before the age of 3.
  • Understanding about concrete to abstract.
  • Understanding how the Montessori math has been designed to teach children math.
  • Making math fun.
  • Introducing the 6 groups

Sensorial Education

  • Definition of Sensorial education
  • Definition of sensorial impression education
  • Understanding the connection of the sensorial education to the development of Mathematics
  • The 5 areas of sensorial education

Why UMC ?

- Will I be fully certified as a Montessori Teacher?

Yes, absolutely.
We grant, to the UMA graduate, full certification as lead teacher in a Montessori primary classroom, in the United States and worldwide. Our graduates have had excellent success in securing employment, due to the global demand for well-trained Montessori educators. We recommend that you research individual hiring needs and practices in your community, to reassure your success for employment.

Are you affiliated with any other organizations?

Yes, absolutely.
UMC-Ghana is an independent Montessori organization. Since 2015, we have provided Montessori teacher training and certification for the primary-age level. UMC-Ghana is a member of Northwest Career Colleges Federation, the voice of private career colleges and schools. UMC-Ghana has served on the board and is a long-standing member of the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association. UMC-Ghana is also an approved provider for Independent and Public School Districts in the USA, to train teachers for teacher certification in the Montessori method.

Do I need to intern at a Montessori school to complete my certification?

No, but….
This is not a requirement, however, there is no substitute for “hands on” experience. We highly recommend that you seek an internship, assistant, or volunteer position in a Montessori classroom setting while participating in the UMA program. This allows you to experience and put into immediate practice your written training.

The director of a Montessori school informed me that they hire only graduates from their own training background. Is this the norm?

No, it is not the norm.
This is not the norm, although it does happen. Any Montessori school or organization claiming exclusivity is, unfortunately, out of harmony with the Montessori community at large. Our code of ethics encourages our graduates to respect and support any organization that advocates the true principles of Montessori.